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  • Completed Projects
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    JNFC had an underground water tank installed in the Fall of 2013. As you can see from the photo that this was achieved by manual labour. The hole was lined with cement and the purpose is to collect rainwater to be used by the school for washing. The children in the photo are standing on the top of the finished watertank, and a foot pump was purchased and waiting to be installed at the time of the photo.
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    When the school opened in 2007, there was no space for the teachers to meet and keep their supplies.
    In 2009 a block of classrooms was built that had a storage room at one end. For years the teachers had been using this small storage room to keep their supplies, as their lunch room and for their meetings.

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    In 2010 a new block of three rooms was partially built through other funding, and in 2013 two of those vacant rooms were developed through funding from JNFC for: floors, walls, windows, doors, furniture and paint to provide a much needed staff room and an administrative office for the head teacher.

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    The existing kitchen was deteriorating beyond repair and a new larger one was required including a pantry for food storage and a dining area for the boarding students. JNFC provided funding for the basic structure in 2014 and funds for completion, including furniture in 2015.
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    The School provides hot lunches for the day students each day and all meals for the small number of boarding students.
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    (Completed 2016)
    While visiting the school in 2015 JNFC observed some repairs that were needed to the school buildings that was beyond the current budget of Action For Children.
    Over the past year JNFC has provided funding to: repair windows and doors; provide new playground equipment for the pre-school;
    repairs and a new roof for the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC); and refinishing all the classroom floors.
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    Sports Field
    A regulation size sports field was developed in 2012 for the Jolly Children’s Education Centre to encourage and support a variety of activities. As part of this project an Eco San latrine was also built, and drainage was installed under the field to direct excess water into a holding pond. Eventually, the school would like to build a protected springs water system to further supply clean water to the school. We wish to acknowledge the Rotary Club of Saanich, the Rotary Club of Kololo in Uganda, District 5020 & Rotary International for their contributions to this project.
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    The "Eco-San" Latrine built beside the sports field and fondly referred to in the community as the “toilet with stairs”.
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    In the Spring of 2017 a new larger pit latrine with showers was built to replace an outdated one. This particular project has been completed but the need to replace or upgrade other pit latrines on the property is still a reality.
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    Together with Action For Children and the local community, we installed a well on school property to provide a source of clean water for the school and surrounding community.
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    We purchased bicycles in Kampala for the use of the teachers at the school and the local Action For Children Field staff.
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    In 2009 we were able to fund 80 school desks, with the help of the Rotary Club of Saanich, and we hired a local carpenter to make them. We also funded scholastic materials as pictured, and continue to do so.
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    In 2009 we were able to fund 80 school desks, with the help of the Rotary Club of Saanich, and we hired a local carpenter to make them. We also funded scholastic materials as pictured, and continue to do so
    In 2010, JNFC received a $2,000 donation from one our supporters who wanted to contribute to the building of a new house for a family in need that lived near the school. We did some research and found that the cost to construct the house would be about $4,000 as long as the community and family contributed some of the labour. JNFC contributed the additional $2,000 to build the house.

    Action For Children, as part of their regular monitoring of the living conditions of the children in Sponsorship, selected the family with the greatest need—a family led by Grandparents who were looking after three of their grandchildren as the mother, their daughter, had died the previous year of malaria. Two of the children are sponsored through JNFC, and the third is a baby. Their current house was constructed of sticks and mud and in poor condition.

    The house that was built is a four room structure. There is a small sitting room and three bedrooms, one for the grandparents, one for the children, and one to be rented out to provide some extra income for the family. Cooking is done outside in the ‘outdoor kitchen’ and there is a latrine.

    Construction of the house began in late 2011 and was complete in April 2012. AFC, JNFC, and the community were all on hand when the house was turned over to the family. Shortly after moving in the family rented out the extra bedroom to supplement the small income that they receive from their subsistence farming. Because of the improved housing situation, the children began to thrive and you can see they are much happier.

    Before Leanne, Geoff and Jill left Uganda there was a big celebration within the community for this family.

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    The original house prior to 2012

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    The grandparents raising 3 grandchildren

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    The new house under construction

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    New house near completion

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    Hand over to the family

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    Celebration day with the family and community.
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    Fencing for the Early Childhood Development Centre. Just as it is important to put a fence around schools here in the west, so it is the same in Uganda to keep the very young children safe and protect playground equipment supplied by JNFC. This fence was completed in the summer of 2016.
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  • Ongoing Projects
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    The Jolly Children’s Education Centre (JCEC) has a Clinic that JNFC was instrumental in starting in 2010. The Clinic serves the students at the school as well as the local community. There is a part-time nurse at the clinic that provides basic health care and midwifery. Masuliita is a very poor community and the people accessing the clinic are asked to pay what they can afford for the clinic’s services. Each year JNFC raises funds and allocates those funds to provide pharmaceuticals and medical equipment as well as assisting with maintenance.
    To support this project and others have a look at the Wish List.
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    In 2012, one of the spare classrooms at the school was transformed into a library for student and community use. The library is equipped with appropriate library furniture, scholastic and reference material, as well as a selection of fiction and non-fiction books. Solar panels provide lighting and power for the school's first computers!

    January 2016 update: Since the library's establishment, we have provided additional funding for resource material and additional Solar Power to increase the hours of operation of the facility. The need for new books and resources continues.

    To support this project and others have a look at the Wish List .
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    Each School day JCEC provides a hot lunch for each of the children at the school (currently 270). The food is simple and usually comprised of beans and rice. Through a crowdfunding campaign and several directed donations we were able to raise enough to fund the lunches for close to a year. The need for lunches is ongoing and growing as the school grows. See the new kitchen project.
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    Child Sponsorship is a key ongoing project of JNFC. In 2000, there were 884,000 HIV/AIDs orphans in Uganda. We work to support children in need within a family environment, rather than relying on institutional approaches such as orphanages.
    For more information, see our Child Sponsorship Form.
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    JCEC is off the grid and reliant on Solar Power for lighting and other electrical needs. JNFC installed a basic system for the Library for lighting and for the charging of cell phones and laptops in 2012. The needs are growing and we would like to provide additional funding to maintain and expand the system.
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    Perimeter Fence for the Jolly Children’s Education Centre
    The first stage of the fence has been erected along the main road.
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    This is now completed with a structure that is a combination of brick and chain link. The next stage of the fence will restrict external access to the pre-school. The property is large so the fence will continue development as funding permits.
    (June 2016:) The first stage of the fence has been erected along the main road with a structure that is a combination of brick and chain link:
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    The next stage of the fence is in progress and will restrict external access to the Early Childhood Centre. Just as schools in Canada need fencing, it is also imperative that the JCEC has reliable fencing for the younger children’s play area.
    A gate has now been installed at the entrance to the school:
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    This property has been open to the whole community over the years, and that has caused some problems from time to time with damage to some of the property. The property is large so the fence will continue development as funding permits.
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    Pictured here is a new gate installed at the entrance to the school in 2016, and a large section of fence has been completed. The fence project remains ongoing at this time.
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    To help families and children become self-sufficient, we have started a project that will supply students at the school with livestock (chickens, piglets, or goats). These animals not only become a source of food, but also provide income generating opportunities to the students and their families through the breeding and the sale of offspring or, in the case of chickens, the sale of eggs. As well, the children are taught how to take care of these animals providing them with valuable life skills.
    For more information, see our Wish List Catalogue
    Coffee and ginger plants are being grown to raise income for the school.  Staff and students pictured here working together.
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    We continue to improve the water collection storage in a number of ways, and distribution of clean water.

    Currently the school has three above ground and one underground water storage tanks (see completed projects). All collect water from the eaves troughs on different buildings. There are additional collection points that they can take advantage of with the following 5,000 and 1,000 litre tanks. There are some on the property now that are leaking and need to be replaced.
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    2017: A new water tank has been installed at the guest house. More water tanks are needed to collect the rain water.
    (June 2016:) As the school grows there is a continuing need to provide additional latrines, and to maintain/replace the existing ones. This one needs to be replaced:
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    (June 2016:) Purpose: to provide qualifying students a safe and loving place to live while attending the Jolly Children’s Education Centre. The fund will provide living expenses in the boarding facility and school fees.
    • Abandoned or orphaned children
      • Families that are unable to take care of their children and live in very poor conditions
      • Abused and/or neglected children

    Click the picture for more information:
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    This picture from October 2016 shows how David has been thriving since being brought to the school in March of 2016.  His living conditions were not good and a family member burned his hand in a fire.  Now he is happy, attends school, looks after his own garden and helps with chores around the property.  Please consider support for David through the bursary fund.
    In the Spring of 2017 a brand new motor cycle was purchased through a generous donation and will be used by Tom, the sponsorship officer, to visit all homes of the sponsored children. The roads in the rural areas are difficult to navigate so a motor cycle is the perfect vehicle. As well as motor cycles, four wheel drive vehicles are necessary to navigate the rough rural roads, and they are in constant need of repair because of the beating they take. This is an ongoing project to provide the means to keep the vehicles in good working order.
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