1. Why sponsor a child through Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada JNFC? [+]
    • There are an estimated 2.5 million orphans in Uganda.
    • Thousands of children are living with HIV/AIDS in poverty stricken communities in Uganda.
    • Action For Children (AFC) is an indigenous Non Governmental Organization dedicated to the protection, rescue and promotion of children’s rights and welfare.
    • AFC welcomes donors from around the world to help reach children and give them hope. Providing them with basic life necessities while giving capacity to the caretakers who look after them.
  2. What is the status of the children who need sponsorship?[+]
    • Orphaned children
    • Children and families living in very poor conditions
    • Child-headed families
    • Children living with sick parents
    • Children living with HIV/AIDS
    • Children with no hope
  3. How does sponsorship help?[+]
    • It helps to keep children in loving and caring families where they can grow and have a purposeful future.
    • It helps children to meet basic life necessities such as food, education, medical, shelter and clothing.
    • It helps strengthen the capacity of caretakers (parents or guardians) to look after their children.
  4. How does the process work?[+]
    • Once you have decided that you would like to sponsor a child, fill out the sponsorship form to make monthly, annual or bi-annual payments.
    • JNFC will send you a photo and bi-annual update reports on your child’s progress. You will be able to see how your love and support are helping to make a brighter future for a child in Uganda.
    • You can write letters to your sponsored child.
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