The Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada is a registered Canadian charity (BN: 83181 1096 RR0001) and based in British Columbia. It was established in early 2007 by a group of friends wanting to support the work of Action For Children in Uganda, an organization founded in 1995 by Jolly Nyeko, which has grown into a well respected national NGO reaching out to vulnerable children at risk through their many different programs around the country.
JNFC, founded on Christian principles, is based in Victoria, B.C., Canada, and staffed entirely by volunteers.
We develop and fund projects that provide relief of poverty, education and reliable transportation with a strong focus on child sponsorship. Through this work we provide the children and their families with the necessary tools for their long term development and sustainability.
Many of JNFC’s projects currently take place in Masulita, in the Wakiso District, near Kampala, Uganda where Action For Children has been working for over five years.
At the heart of all that we do is the heart to serve children & families at risk. We welcome your enquires as we seek to bring some comfort, joy and hope in Uganda.
Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Who is Jolly Nyeko?[+]
    Jolly Nyeko (pronounced "Joll-e Ni-e-ko" is a Ugandan woman who founded Action For Children (AFC) in Uganda in 1995 to serve vulnerable children and orphans at risk.
  • What does JNFC do?[+]
    JNFC supports Action For Children in Uganda through our programs and projects that we develop in conjunction with AFC.
  • How can I be sure my money is going to the projects in Uganda?[+]
    We transfer money with specific purposes to Uganda, and as a registered charity with the Government of Canada we are required to report regularly on all monies.
  • How is JNFC staffed?[+]
    We are a 100% volunteer organization with minimum expenses, and we visit Uganda at our own expense.
Current Board of Directors
  • Shannon Nichols
  • Jolly Nyeko
  • Jill Stokes
  • Leanne Stokes
  • Stephanie Hunter
  • Rashna Charania
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