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Jolly Nyeko is the Founder and Executive Chairperson of Action For Children. Jolly has devoted her life to protecting, nurturing, and bringing hope to children and families in her native Uganda.

Jolly was born in Rukungiri District of South Western Uganda to parents Zekyeria and Elinah Rushokye. Her father, a local administrator, was a polygamist who had four wives and thirty children. Resources for the large family were scarce and all they owned was a small, unproductive plot of land, a leaky grass-thatched house, and the most basic household possessions. To make matters worse, Jolly’s mother developed health problems, forcing Jolly to take responsibility for her siblings along with other children in her neighbourhood.

Through her faith in God, Jolly was able to persevere and develop her experience in a way that enabled her to reach out to others.

In 1995 while working as a Probation and Social Welfare Officer, God said to her, "You are going to be a saviour of children; Do not be afraid, I will give you people to work with."
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That was over fifteen years ago. Since that time her long journey has led to the growth of Action For Children, a non-governmental organization founded by Jolly in 1995 and registered in Uganda in 1998 and is now a successful child and family protection organization. For more information see Action For Children.

Jolly and her husband, George, have four children: Ken, Sam, Lois, and Eunice. Jolly graduated from Makerere University in Uganda with a degree in Sociology and obtained two Masters Degrees: Economic Social Affairs from the University of Swansea, Wales (UK), and Leadership Studies from Azusa Pacific University. She has recently completed a PhD in Child and Youth Care through the University of Victoria in BC Canada.

Today, Jolly continues to work with Action For Children and the Jolly Nyeko Foundation Canada
To learn more about Jolly and Action For Children look for her book: Establishing Life Transforming Organizations: The Story of Action for Children in Uganda – or visit their website.